Revolutionizing E-Bikes: Decathlon's Latest Offerings

As a passionate UI designer at Decathlon, I have had the privilege of working on an exciting project that not only pushed the boundaries of design but also celebrated innovation in sustainable urban mobility. In this project, I designed three captivating landing pages for Decathlon’s groundbreaking electric bicycles: the Elops Cargo Longtail R500, Elops E LD 500, and Elops Speed 900E.

These remarkable e-bikes represent a new era of cycling, where technology and eco-consciousness converge to create a seamless and exhilarating riding experience. Each landing page I crafted was carefully designed to reflect the unique personality and features of these bikes, with the goal of capturing the essence of Decathlon’s commitment to quality, style, and sustainability.

I invite you to explore the landing pages I created. It has been an incredible journey and I’m excited to share these designs as a testament to my passion for user interface design and my dedication to shaping the future of mobility. Enjoy the ride!

Wanna see the Figma file? Contact me!

Elops Speed 900E

Elops E LD 500

Elops Longtail R500

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