Eco-Friendly Transformation: Decathlon NL Sustainability Landing Page Redesign

Approximately a year ago, I embarked on a journey to transform the old landingpage into a visually compelling and user-friendly new landingpage that highlights Decathlon NL’s commitment to sustainability.

As we all know, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it’s a pressing global concern. Decathlon NL recognized the need to make a bold statement about their dedication to eco-conscious practices and wanted their online presence to reflect this commitment. That’s where my role as a UI designer came into play.

Over several months of planning, design iterations, and collaboration with differents teams within Decathlon NL, I crafted a fresh, engaging, and aesthetically pleasing landing page. This project posed a unique challenge, as I needed to balance the visual appeal with informative content, ensuring that users not only found the page visually captivating but also left with a deeper understanding of Decathlon NL’s sustainability initiatives.

I invite you to explore the key elements and design choices that make the Decathlon NL Sustainability Landing Page a standout piece in my body of work.

Wanna see the Figma file? Contact me!

Sustainability Project

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